Maxine Waters: Cut Off Her Mic!

Maxine Waters is at it again. Not content with endlessly ranting on about the Trump-Russia election collusion conspiracy theory – and that’s being generous about it – and even bizarrely claiming in February that Putin invaded Korea, this time the African American Caucus is seeking a formal apology after she was cut off during a state convention speech, as reported by the Los Angeles Times:

Waters, a Los Angeles Democrat known for her comments on President Trump, had been speaking at a caucus meeting during the event Saturday night when the sound to her microphone was cut off.

Her microphone was cut off? Understandable, so far so good.

In a statement released late Wednesday, the caucus said it had concluded an investigation with the Sacramento City Council and executive staff from the California Democratic Party to determine what transpired. They found the state party retained the event planning firm Frontrunner to produce the convention, attended by nearly 3,000 people from across the state. Frontrunner subcontracted the audio and visual work to a separate firm that has not been identified.

The caucus said it was an employee of that firm that approached Waters and interrupted her remarks by pulling the plug connecting her microphone to the audio system.

The requests include the formal apology, “a commitment to sensitivity training for contracted and subcontracted employees and better training on protocols when meetings run longer than the contracted time.” It also is asking for reimbursement of the meeting expenses associated with the event, and for party leadership to work with the caucus and develop better security protocols.

So the real story here is that the audio guy had been sitting around for what seemed to him – and probably more than a few sitting in the audience – an interminably long period of time listening to this delusional woman stuttering through whatever speech she’d prepared on her favourite topic, punctuated here and there by extemporary ranting on more of the same, and finally decided he’d had enough after politely reminding members of the caucus several times beforehand about the meeting running longer than the contracted time.

Of course this employee knew that it was either pull the plug and be done with it or wait around for a few more unpaid hours while these sore losers disparage the man you voted for, because he did nothing more than promise to lower your taxes and build a wall to stop Mexicans from illegally entering the country and undercutting your company, leaving you without a job and no way to pay for your skyrocketing Obamacare premiums.

Not content with this, the caucus had the gall to request that the firms employees be subjected to sensitivity training – presumably this has to do with the fact that the employee in question is white, and the caucus had the knee-jerk reaction so typical of Democrats, that there was a racial motivation to his actions – and a reimbursement of the meeting expenses! Undoubtably if it had been President Trump refusing to pay a firm with a black employee, that would have been another motive for impeachment, and sensitivity training for the remainder of his term.

On the contrary, this employee and his firm should immediately be contacted by the White House, congratulated, and paid in advance for the audio and visual work required for President Trumps second inauguration in 2020. That would surely send the kind of message Maxine Waters and the Democratic Party deserve for the lies they continue to spread with the assistance of their puppets in the legacy media.


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