The Donald Is Back But Stops Short Of Telling London Mayor Sadiq Khan He’s Fired!

It’s a relief to see the Donald Trump of the campaign trail back in full force and triggering the left like never before. For a while there were fears that his daughter Ivanka Trump was having a moderating influence on him, or even that deep state infiltrators had somehow managed to surreptitiously drug him into submission or even replace him with a low-energy body double.

Alas we can begin to put those fears behind us now following his latest Twitter offensive against Mayor of London Sadiq Khan:

According to the London Evening Standard, Theresa May “finally scolds” Trump for this criticism of Sadiq Khan:

Theresa May today finally labelled Donald Trump “wrong” for criticising the Mayor of London in the aftermath of the London Bridge attack.

The Prime Minister said party politics should be “put to one side” after the US president blasted Sadiq Khan in tweets that were widely condemned by politicians of all stripes.

Mrs May had faced calls to distance herself Mr Trump for his incendiary remarks but for two days failed to directly address them. She has also been urged to call off the president’s state visit later this year.

We can hardly call that a scolding, in fact it would be more accurate to say that it was Trump who gave the scolding, and a perfect way of finishing Khan off would have been a third tweet that went something like: “If it was up to me I’d fire him so fast his head would spin like Comey’s!”

It’s also interesting to note the claim that the tweets were “widely condemned,” however in the article they link to, the only person criticising Trump is the victim of his tweets, namely Khan – he can hardly be described in the plural as “politicians of all stripes.”

Finally notice that May withheld commenting on the “incendiary remarks” – if those are considered incendiary then we have a serious case of oversensitivity in the UK which is best cured by a good dose of desensitisation – for two days, but the pressure from “politicians of all stripes” was probably so intense that she had to yield to pressure with a single adjective which said a lot regarding what she actually thought about the whole episode.

The comments intensified public anger at the president for politicising the tragedy as London was grieving.

They also renewed calls for leaders to call off his state visit in October. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has already suggested he would consider suspending the visit if he won, but Theresa May has said it will go ahead.

Public anger from whom exactly? Sadiq “Politicians of all Stripes” Khan? ISIS? The UK branch of the Hillary Clinton Fan Club?

Ditto the above questions as possible answers to who exactly called for Trump’s planned state visit to the UK in October to be cancelled. Yes, Jeremy Corbyn would consider anything if it meant becoming Prime Minister, but even if he does it would be hard for him to do the job while sitting on the proverbial fence.

Either way, the likelihood is that President Trump will make his UK state visit in October as planned, and continue to make headlines with a snub by Mayor of London Khan and Muslim community leaders, and a power handshake and tea with the Queen in Buckingham Palace to wrap up the visit.


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