Polish Government Set To Force Out Post-Communist Supreme Court Judges

The EU and its propaganda mouthpieces in the legacy media conglomerates around the world are in a state of panic at the prospect of Polands post-communist Supreme Court judges being forced into retirement by a bill granting the nations Law and Justice party, known as the PiS, the power to replace them with judges whose loyalty is to the Polish nation, rather than the EU(SSR).

Predictably CNN is one of those loudly decrying the threat to judicial independence in Poland:

President Andrzej Duda appears likely to sign the controversial bill into law. He has 21 days to sign or veto the legislation, which would also give the justice minister the power to pick the judges’ replacements.

A poll conducted by CNN affiliate TVN found that 55% of Poles said Duda should veto the court laws; 29% said he should not.

Judging by the lack of accuracy and impartiality of CNN polls, we can safely assume that it’s only 29% who think he should veto, while 55% agree with the bill – and that’s being conservative.

The bill’s passage could mark a turning point for the Eastern European country — one of the first former communist nations to join the European Union.
The move by the ruling right-wing Law and Justice party, known as the PiS, to control one of the last remaining independent government institutions has prompted concern in Washington and triggered warnings from the European Union that it is putting judicial independence at risk.

Yes, Poland was the first former communist nation to join the EU, and as a result is well aware of what the EU is turning into, and who the driving force behind it is. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, PiS’s leader, accused Poland’s courts of being “subordinated to foreign forces” and a “stronghold of post-communists”, because of the secret ties between Polish liberals and the former communist regime.

In a sign of the growing concern, a top EU official on Wednesday threatened the use of Article 7 — a mechanism that would allow for sanctions against Poland and possible suspension of its voting rights in the bloc. The measure has never been used before.
European Council President Donald Tusk, a former Polish Prime Minister from the opposition Civic Platform party, warned Thursday of “dangerous consequences” for Poland’s standing on the world stage and said he had asked Duda for an urgent meeting.

Under normal circumstances this type of interference by a democratic government on its judicial branch would be a worrying turn of events, but considering that the EU is itself an undemocratic bureaucracy hellbent on destroying individual European nations – via the importation of millions of non-Europeans under the guise of humanitarianism and offsetting declining birthrates – this is a necessary step to prevent the destruction of Polish society by globalist EU sympathisers.

Poland does have an EU ally — Hungary — and its support could derail attempts to pressure the country in corral the judiciary measures.
“Because of our own national interest, because of Europe’s and Poland’s interest, we must make clear that the inquisition offensive against Poland can never succeed because Hungary will use all legal options” in the European Union to show solidarity with the Poles, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Saturday.

And hopefully others will follow suit. Nationalist governments throughout Europe need to retake control of their nations through determined action such as this. Unfortunately that action will not be spearheaded by Western European nations such as France or Germany, so the responsibility rests with the East. Their example will be an inspiration, much like the election of Donald Trump was an inspiration to nationalists throughout the West.

Another European model is possible. A united Europe which respects its individual member nations – and everything which a nation comprises – recognising and assuming its leading position in the world, while protecting its citizens from predatory globalism and its migrant armies of conquest.


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