Johnny Reb’s Unread Message To Posterity

As the left continues it’s maniacal purge of Confederate monuments throughout the Southern United Sates in an attempt to erase all trace of all its heritage, history, and pride – much as they’ve done and continue to do in any part of the Western world where historical white men are immortalised in art – opposition will continue to increase, even if its only manifestation among the majority for now is a growing resentment which will eventually be unleashed in one form or another.

Even if Dylann Roof hadn’t walked into a church in Charleston two years ago and murdered nine black worshippers in a cowardly and unjustified act, the left would have found another mendacious excuse to target the Confederate flag, monuments, and anything else remotely connected to that period of American history – a history which shouldn’t be forgotten if it’s not to be repeated, despite the best efforts of James T. Hodgkinson and company.

The latest victim of their purge is Johnny Red, the personification of the Southern Confederate States during the American Civil War. As reported by WESH 2 News:

As crews removed a Confederate statue called “Johnny Reb” from Lake Eola Park Tuesday they uncovered a time capsule in the base of the statue.

The time capsule was moved to city hall. It is unclear what is inside or when the city may open the time capsule.

Do these paranoids suspect they’re dealing with a potential booby trap rather than an important historical find? Of course it’s unclear what’s inside if it remains unopened – surely the normal thing to do would be to see what’s inside as soon as possible?

Cassandra Lafser, who’s a spokeswoman for Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, said the time capsule is very light. It was found in the top part of the statue’s base, Lafser said.

It’s light because it’s probably got some documents or letters in it, not a booby trap. So what’s the Mayor so scared of? Perhaps he imagines a time traveler went back to 1917 and planted the time capsule under the statue with a letter inside warning America about the consequences of allowing leftist ideology to insidiously penetrate American society?

The statue is being moved to Greenwood Cemetery following public outcry that it’s a symbol of racism and white supremacy.

The public “outcry” was probably from a handful of paid agitators and usual suspects, whose idea of racism and white supremacy is whites dressing up as Indians and Mexicans on Halloween and having fun at their campus parties.

The statue was originally located on Magnolia Avenue before it was moved to Lake Eola Park in 1917. It has been in Orlando since 1911.

So 100 years have passed with an unopened time capsule under Johnny Red. It appears we’ll have to wait a little longer before we get to read his – or the time traveller’s – message to posterity.