CNN Needs To Be Made An Example Of

The legacy media in the US, Europe, and every other part of the world where their lies and manipulations have deceived credulous baby boomer audiences long enough, need to be sent a clear message that their monopoly of information has come to an end, as will eventually the media conglomerates that finance them.

During the campaign and now into his Presidency, Donald Trump made it clear that CNN is his biggest enemy in terms of fake legacy media. So be it, CNN needs to be made an example of, especially after its latest outrageous blackmail blunder against a Reddit user who allegedly created the Trump-CNN wrestling meme that the President retweeted much to the delight of everyone with a sense of humour.

Stefan Molyneux articulately summarises the rest of the story in the following video:

CNN needs to be figuratively destroyed. The memes need to continue and become overwhelming, flooding social media everywhere, and the President needs to retweet until the tips of his thumbs become calloused.

The alternative, independent media, and citizen journalists everywhere need to collaborate against this seditious cable network and expose its lies, manipulations, and now blackmail. Its employees need to be exposed by an army of Project Veritas copycats as the enemy-of-truth collaborators that they are.

But we should not be under any illusions that this is a fight that will be easily won. Time Warner, the parent company of Turner Broadcasting System, which owns CNN, has deep pockets, and can throw money at this failing cable news network, even as its audiences dwindle and die.

In reality the globalists need CNN to survive for as long as possible, because it still has the power to sway certain large segments of public opinion – either directly or by osmosis – surprising as that may sound to younger readers who are nauseated by the mere thought of watching Alisyn Camerota or Chris Cuomo vomit their propaganda through the airwaves.

Only when CNN is no longer viable, in large part through the collaborative effort of the above mentioned, will they allow it to die and transform into something new – AT&T announced last year that they mean to acquire Time Warner – which will attempt to dupe a new generation of internet users into believing their fake news, perhaps in time for President Trump’s reelection bid in 2020.

This backlash against CNN, and its eventual terminal decline will be a striking example to the rest of the legacy media – take note New York Times, MSNBC, etc. – of what happens when you declare war on an internet savvy generation of shitposters, and a President who’s not afraid to use Twitter.



The Hubris Of Carl Bernstein And His Ilk

In truth much could be written about the following 48 second clip, but the most important and ominous part is during the first 17 seconds:

Carl Bernstein – known for his investigative reporting on the Watergate scandal leading to President Richard Nixon’s resignation – begins by claiming that the US is in the midst of a “malignant presidency.”

His choice of words is interesting, because the implication is that Donald Trump’s presidency is a malignant tumour that needs to be removed. He follows by claiming that this malignancy is known to the “military leaders of the country, Republican leadership in congress who recognise it, and intelligence community.”

There’s no doubt that the President has enemies in all three of these groups, but he has many friends and supporters also, if not he would not have survived – politically and physically – this long in the face of so much unwarranted hostility.

Without a doubt Bernstein has sources that have voiced their unjustified complaints to him, and may have even used the adjective “malignant” to describe their twisted view of the Presidents office, and if so this is a veiled threat which he has then decided to voice on CNN.

The fact that CNN employees have been caught admitting on camera by Project Veritas that their coverage of the Trump-Russia story is baseless is serious enough, but to then give airtime to a guest who utters these veiled threats against a President who has tenaciously defended himself against their fake news, is another ominous development.

If the left thinks that President Trump will be removed by a military coup, senile RINO’s like John McCain, or those in the intelligence community who have secretly sworn their allegiance to someone or something other than the American Constitution, then they’re gravely mistaken.

That’s not to say that President Trump is invincible – he’s clearly in danger, but it’s a danger he’s prepared and willing to face, and he does not stand alone. For self preservation, his enemies, and the enemies of the American Republic would do well to take heed of warnings like this one from Alex Jones:

“Be selfish for your own personal lives and back off.” The truth is that the “elites” mentioned in the above video are the real malignancy in America, and throughout the world, and the light of truth needs to be shined on them and their wicked ways.

Comey’s Testimony

There’s no need to go into more details on the Comey hearing here, which has made all the top headlines the past couple of days in the US and been discussed ad nauseam already.

Suffice to say that despite the left’s best efforts to salvage something from it in terms of incriminating Trump in any wrong doing, it was a bit of an anticlimax for those calling for impeachment, and quite an eye opener to see Comey admitting to leaking confidential information to a reporter via a friend.

Two videos worth watching on the subject are from Tucker Carlson and Stefan Molyneux. Enjoy:

MSNBC’s Obsession With Trump

It seems that MSNBC has an obsession with President Trump. That might seem like something obvious considering the constant barrage of negative news coverage he’s been subjected to throughout his first six months in office, but it really hits home visually when you visit their home page and are confronted by the following:


Is it me or is there something strange about this picture…?

As can be seen, all their top stories are a barrage of Comey testimony and Trump related stories which leaves one wondering if there’s anything else going on in the MSNBC studios in terms of reporting on other important US and world news? With pundits like Al Sharpton on their payroll the answer is likely a resounding no.

Of course it’s not just MSNBC but the leftwing media in general, and if Breitbart, Fox News, and others on the right are spending more time than normal covering the President, it’s because there has to be a counterargument against the constant attacks which amount to nothing more than propaganda worthy of countries like Venezuela.

It’s hard to imagine Obama receiving this much negative media from the right during his two terms of office, despite the fact that he was incredibly unpopular among Republicans, and would probably have been with a considerable amount of Democrat’s if it wasn’t for the colour of his skin.

But does this behaviour by the left reveal something about it’s psychology as a group? Are people on the left more prone to whining and constantly playing the victim, as it so often appears to even the most casual observer? Is it any wonder that so called “progressivism” and all the baggage that comes with it – from slut walks to gender fluidity, to whatever other destabilising perversions they thrust into our lives – is an ideology of the left and not the right? Reach your own conclusions.

Emergency: White Kids Bullying Minorities En Masse in America!

Occasionally I pluck up the courage to visit some of the most “progressive” news sites on the internet to find out what’s currently going on in the delusional echo chamber of the left, much as I hate my visit contributing to their ad revenue.

Hence I ended up on AlterNet’s website, and was immediately struck by the following headline: “White Kids Are Bullying Minority Students Using Trump’s Words.”

Intrigued as to what was meant by “Trump’s Words” – thinking perhaps that between tweets President Trump had penned a special bullying lexicon for an army of white kids wearing MAGA hats – I proceeded to read the accompanying article:

Donald Trump’s real campaign promise was that he would give whites back the power they imagined they’d lost. That message was stated not in dog whistles, but loudly enough that the entire country heard him, even children. The trickle-down effect of Trump’s campaign rhetoric and election is now being felt among kids in schools across the country. Bullying, according to a Buzzfeed News report, has taken on an “alarming twist…with white students using the president’s words and slogans to bully Latino, Middle Eastern, black, Asian, and Jewish classmates.”

Presumably Kali Holloway – the “senior writer” responsible for this article – knows something we don’t, namely the “real campaign promise” of white supremacy, which must have been advocated through a dog whistle, because no-one but her heard the ultrasonic hate speech.

There’s a link to the original article in Buzzfeed which I was unwilling to read due to it’s ludicrous length, and my anticipation of the type of “progressive” propaganda I would subject myself to throughout the screed if I relented and proceeded.

Luckily Kali did the hard-work for us:

Buzzfeed reporters analyzed data collected by the Documenting Hate Project, which catalogs reports of bias and bullying, and found more than “50 incidents, across 26 states, in which a K-12 student invoked Trump’s name or message in an apparent effort to harass a classmate during the past school year.” The incidents took place between October 2016 and May 2017. Here are just a fraction of the incidents cited by Buzzfeed investigators:

  • A group of white male students at a high school in Shakopee, Minnesota who surrounded an African-American girl and sang the national anthem, “replacing the closing line with ‘and the home of the slaves.’”

  • In a third-grade classroom in Louisville, Kentucky, a boy chased a Latina girl while screaming “Build the wall!”

  • On the school bus, a white eighth-grader told a Filipino classmate, “You are going to be deported.”

  • A white eighth-grade student in Brea, California, told a black student, “Now that Trump won, you’re going to have to go back to Africa, where you belong.”

  • An English teacher in Spokane Valley, Washington, describes discovering a “group of white students following a Latino student in the hallway, taunting him with chants of ‘the wall’s coming!’ and ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’”

  • The Dallas, Texas mother of a sixth-grader reported that on Election Day, students at her son’s school harassed him and his friends with shouts of, “Heil Hitlary.” One of the bullied students was told, “One million of your lives is worth less than 30,000 deleted emails.”

Bullying in schools is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially when it leads to physical violence, and by listing these as the worst cases they do a disservice to the victims of bullying which resulted in injury or death.

It says a lot about the mentality of writers such as these within their echo chamber who depict white children as the perpetrators and minorities as the victims of bullying, without even bothering to provide the statistics of white victims to add some impartiality. Do they think this is the beginning of genocide on an industrial scale in America by jackbooted Trump supporters?

Hate crimes involving adult perpetrators who used Trump’s name or quoted his rhetoric during acts of violence and harassment began making the news during the presidential campaign. The Southern Poverty Law Center documented more than 1,300 hate crimes nationally “between the 2016 election and February 2017.”

White Trump supporters getting attacked indiscriminately also began making the news, but apparently they didn’t notice, or chose to ignore it because it’s not convenient to their narrative. Were any of these numerous attacks against whites included in that figure of 1,300 “hate crimes” diligently documented by the SPLC? I’m guessing the answer is no – must be something to do with white privilege.

In a survey of K-12 educators in the months before Trump’s election win, the SPLC found a precipitous rise in incidents of racist bullying. In the weeks after November 8, a poll of 10,000 K-12 teachers, counselors and administrators found an uptick in the “use of slurs and derogatory language, and disturbing incidents involving swastikas, Nazi salutes and Confederate flags.” Roughly 90 percent of respondents said the “school climate has been negatively affected, and most of them believe it will have a long-lasting impact.” Similarly, “80 percent describe heightened anxiety and concern on the part of students worried about the impact of the election on themselves and their families.”

Presumably the SPLC didn’t conduct any extensive investigations into the “precipitous rise of incidents.” For example it would be interesting to know how many of the “disturbing incidents involving swastikas” were committed by whites, and how many were committed by non-whites. That’s one example of many that are documented in the Fake Hate Crimes website.

Numerous studies have shown that bullying has effects that last long past childhood, affecting adulthood mental health, ability to form relationships and self-esteem. These consequences add to the trauma many students from racial and religious minorities already experience when dealing with subtle daily discrimination. A 2015 study by researchers from Vanderbilt University found the “cumulative effects of living in a society characterized by white dominance and privilege produces a kind of physical and mental wear-and-tear that contributes to a host of psychological and physical ailments…[including] anxiety, stress, depression and thoughts of suicide, as well as a host of physical ailments like hair loss, diabetes and heart disease.”

No word of course on the fact that the majority of people committing suicide in the US are white males, or that some Democrats have even joked about it on video – apparently gleeful about the prospect of an America where whites are a minority – because again, it doesn’t fit into their narrative which breeds hate rather than address it honestly. The only question remaining is whether this is a deliberate agenda to deceive or blind ignorance?

The Donald Is Back But Stops Short Of Telling London Mayor Sadiq Khan He’s Fired!

It’s a relief to see the Donald Trump of the campaign trail back in full force and triggering the left like never before. For a while there were fears that his daughter Ivanka Trump was having a moderating influence on him, or even that deep state infiltrators had somehow managed to surreptitiously drug him into submission or even replace him with a low-energy body double.

Alas we can begin to put those fears behind us now following his latest Twitter offensive against Mayor of London Sadiq Khan:

According to the London Evening Standard, Theresa May “finally scolds” Trump for this criticism of Sadiq Khan:

Theresa May today finally labelled Donald Trump “wrong” for criticising the Mayor of London in the aftermath of the London Bridge attack.

The Prime Minister said party politics should be “put to one side” after the US president blasted Sadiq Khan in tweets that were widely condemned by politicians of all stripes.

Mrs May had faced calls to distance herself Mr Trump for his incendiary remarks but for two days failed to directly address them. She has also been urged to call off the president’s state visit later this year.

We can hardly call that a scolding, in fact it would be more accurate to say that it was Trump who gave the scolding, and a perfect way of finishing Khan off would have been a third tweet that went something like: “If it was up to me I’d fire him so fast his head would spin like Comey’s!”

It’s also interesting to note the claim that the tweets were “widely condemned,” however in the article they link to, the only person criticising Trump is the victim of his tweets, namely Khan – he can hardly be described in the plural as “politicians of all stripes.”

Finally notice that May withheld commenting on the “incendiary remarks” – if those are considered incendiary then we have a serious case of oversensitivity in the UK which is best cured by a good dose of desensitisation – for two days, but the pressure from “politicians of all stripes” was probably so intense that she had to yield to pressure with a single adjective which said a lot regarding what she actually thought about the whole episode.

The comments intensified public anger at the president for politicising the tragedy as London was grieving.

They also renewed calls for leaders to call off his state visit in October. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has already suggested he would consider suspending the visit if he won, but Theresa May has said it will go ahead.

Public anger from whom exactly? Sadiq “Politicians of all Stripes” Khan? ISIS? The UK branch of the Hillary Clinton Fan Club?

Ditto the above questions as possible answers to who exactly called for Trump’s planned state visit to the UK in October to be cancelled. Yes, Jeremy Corbyn would consider anything if it meant becoming Prime Minister, but even if he does it would be hard for him to do the job while sitting on the proverbial fence.

Either way, the likelihood is that President Trump will make his UK state visit in October as planned, and continue to make headlines with a snub by Mayor of London Khan and Muslim community leaders, and a power handshake and tea with the Queen in Buckingham Palace to wrap up the visit.

What Do President Trump’s Poll Numbers Really Tell Us?

Success in politics is dependent on popularity to get elected, and the best way we have of gauging that – apart from Twitter followers, likes, and other forms of social media tools utilised in modern politics – is via opinion polls. However once a politician is in office the importance of the results of opinion polls tends to diminish somewhat, until the next election approaches and campaigning begins again.

During the election campaign against Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump repeatedly stated that the polls were rigged, and even warned about potential voter fraud. Rigging polls is not an occult science, and during the election where there was so much at stake for both sides, it’s clear that the establishment candidate was favoured in more ways than one.

That said, despite the ominous title, there is some truth worth highlighting in the following article from CNN:

On March 11, 45% of Americans approved of the job Donald Trump was doing in Gallup’s daily tracking poll. It’s been all downhill since then.

In the intervening 86 days, Trump’s job approval has never again reached 45% in Gallup’s data. In fact, the last time Trump was even at 43% was on April 28. He’s spent most of the time between then and now mired in the low 40s and high 30s.

And now, Trump finds himself in the midst of his worst extended poll run of his presidency. Starting on May 28 when Gallup put his job approval at 42%, Trump has been sliding downward. The latest Gallup track on June 3 put Trump’s job approval at a dismal 36% — a single percentage point away from the lowest ebb of his time in the White House. (On March 28, Trump’s job approval was at 35%.)

The Gallup numbers are no anomaly. A Quinnipiac University poll released in late May put Trump’s job approval at 37%. A Monmouth poll conducted in mid-May put Trump’s job approval at 39%.

Lets assume for the sake of argument that these poll numbers are correct, and frankly they’re not very encouraging for a man used to winning. That said, what do they really tell us? Specifically, are they low because Trump is an unpopular President due to the policies he’s implemented, or is he unpopular because on the one hand he’s been continually blocked from implementing some of his signature campaign promises such as the Muslim travel ban, and the US border wall with Mexico, and on the other continually attacked by the legacy media with the contrived story regarding collusion with Russia to manipulate the elections?

We’re continually reminded by Hillary Clinton that she won the popular vote, and there’s always going to be a considerable proportion of those voters who would rate President Trump negatively for simply getting out of bed each morning, but these poll numbers indicate that there’s a proportion of those that voted for him who would like to see him to get out of bed in the morning and start winning as he promised during the campaign.

Because of the incredibly hostile opposition Trump’s facing from the majority of Democrats and establishment Republicans, he hasn’t had the support needed to implement some of his signature campaign promises. He also appears to have alienated many of his supporters with the cruise missile attack on a Syrian Army base on 7 April, the reasons for which were dubious to say the least.

Whether or not this was an attempt to deflect attention away from the Trump-Russia collusion media onslaught we can only speculate, the fact is though that it conspicuously came back into the news following the cessation of hostilities against Assad in Syria – much to the chagrin of the never Trump neocons – and the dismissal of former FBI Director James Corey.

However there have been signs that the Russia story is wearing a little thin with many except the most diehard Trump impeachment apologists such as Maxine Waters, but with Comey’s upcoming testimony this week before the Senate Intelligence Committee, anything is possible, and the whole story is likely to be blown out of all proportions again, no matter how mundane his testimony is.

In reality Trump needs to follow through with the promises he made during his campaign, and ensure that his Republican base is placated, or at the very minimum angry enough with those blocking his agenda to ensure that the party isn’t negatively effected in the 2018 midterm elections:

Trump’s poll numbers — if they stay anywhere near as low as they currently are — could have a hugely negative impact on his party’s chances in the 2018 midterms elections. Since 1946, according to Gallup, when a president’s job approval rating is above 50%, the average number of seats his party loses in a midterm election is 14. When a president’s job approval rating is below 50%? Try an average 36-seat loss.

If history holds, Democrats would likely take back control of the House in 2018 — given that they only need a 24-seat gain to do so. (One factor working against Democrats: The House is pretty well sorted out on partisan lines. Only 23 House Republicans currently represent districts Hillary Clinton carried last November.)

A Democratic-controlled House would be a nightmare for Trump as he tried to begin preparing for his re-election bid in 2020. Not only would he struggle to move his main agenda items through a divided Congress but a Democratic majority would almost certainly aggressively pursue its oversight responsibilities on the Trump administration.

The best (only?) thing going for Trump — and Republicans — in terms of the polling is that it’s June 2017, not June 2018. There’s still time for Trump to move his numbers up. But, the last few months suggest that much of the public has made up its mind on how the president is handling his business — and Trump has been found wanting.

This is an accurate analysis of the situation and something Trump is certainly aware of. Never have we seen so much opposition to a President less than six months into his term of office. This tells us a lot about who Donald Trump is and what he stands for, and it should be a warning to some of his wavering supporters and the silent majority, that the man who wants to Make America Great Again, needs the backing of those who voted for that idea.