CNN Needs To Be Made An Example Of

The legacy media in the US, Europe, and every other part of the world where their lies and manipulations have deceived credulous baby boomer audiences long enough, need to be sent a clear message that their monopoly of information has come to an end, as will eventually the media conglomerates that finance them.

During the campaign and now into his Presidency, Donald Trump made it clear that CNN is his biggest enemy in terms of fake legacy media. So be it, CNN needs to be made an example of, especially after its latest outrageous blackmail blunder against a Reddit user who allegedly created the Trump-CNN wrestling meme that the President retweeted much to the delight of everyone with a sense of humour.

Stefan Molyneux articulately summarises the rest of the story in the following video:

CNN needs to be figuratively destroyed. The memes need to continue and become overwhelming, flooding social media everywhere, and the President needs to retweet until the tips of his thumbs become calloused.

The alternative, independent media, and citizen journalists everywhere need to collaborate against this seditious cable network and expose its lies, manipulations, and now blackmail. Its employees need to be exposed by an army of Project Veritas copycats as the enemy-of-truth collaborators that they are.

But we should not be under any illusions that this is a fight that will be easily won. Time Warner, the parent company of Turner Broadcasting System, which owns CNN, has deep pockets, and can throw money at this failing cable news network, even as its audiences dwindle and die.

In reality the globalists need CNN to survive for as long as possible, because it still has the power to sway certain large segments of public opinion – either directly or by osmosis – surprising as that may sound to younger readers who are nauseated by the mere thought of watching Alisyn Camerota or Chris Cuomo vomit their propaganda through the airwaves.

Only when CNN is no longer viable, in large part through the collaborative effort of the above mentioned, will they allow it to die and transform into something new – AT&T announced last year that they mean to acquire Time Warner – which will attempt to dupe a new generation of internet users into believing their fake news, perhaps in time for President Trump’s reelection bid in 2020.

This backlash against CNN, and its eventual terminal decline will be a striking example to the rest of the legacy media – take note New York Times, MSNBC, etc. – of what happens when you declare war on an internet savvy generation of shitposters, and a President who’s not afraid to use Twitter.