US Military Services Transgender Enlistment Delay

The debate on transgenders in the US military services has been raging for some time now, with the left dangerously pushing their subversive agenda into national defence, wilfully ignoring the catastrophic consequences it will have on the most powerful armed forces in the world.

Department of Defense regulations banning transgender persons from US military services were repealed on June 30, 2016, by former Defense Secretary Ash Carter, a Democrat favourite selected for the job by Barack Obama.

Thus the US joined 18 other nations that allow transgenders to openly serve in their militaries – unsurprisingly all of them Western nations. Despite that, there’s an evident reluctance to allow immediate enlistment of transgenders in the US, as reported by AP:

Military chiefs will seek a six-month delay before letting transgender people enlist in their services, officials said Friday.

After meetings this week, the service leaders hammered out an agreement that rejected Army and Air Force requests for a two-year wait and reflected broader concerns that a longer delay would trigger criticism on Capitol Hill, officials familiar with the talks told The Associated Press.

Clearly the decision made by the Obama administration to lift the ban was most unpopular throughout the military services, as it was clear to all that the decision was political rather than one made to make them more efficient. Of the other 18 nations mentioned above it remains to be seen if any of their decorated soldiers are transgender – indeed, if that had been the case it would have made world headlines, without a doubt.

Regarding the service leaders concerns that delaying enlistment would trigger criticism on Capitol Hill, perhaps they should have been reminded via Twitter that there’s a new President in the Whitehouse – and a Republican majority in Congress – who has more important things to worry about than whether or not members of Chelsea Manning’s fan club can enlist.

Stephen Peters, spokesman for Human Rights Campaign, said the group is disappointed with the delay request.

“Each day that passes without implementing the final piece of this important policy harms our military readiness and restricts the Armed Forces’ ability to recruit the best and the brightest,” said Peters, a Marine veteran. “There are thousands of transgender service members openly and proudly serving our nation today, and as they’ve proven time and time again, what matters is the ability to get the job done — not their gender identity.”

Surely the Iranians and North Koreans – among others, but specifically these two because they’ve been publicly denounced by the Trump administration – relish witnessing the most powerful combined military force in the world concerning itself with its own destruction, rather than the destruction of its perceived enemies. The US still has the most advanced weaponry which gives it supremacy – even as their armed forces become increasingly feminized – but that advantage will not last indefinitely.

Stephen Peters should be reminded why militaries exist. Despite talk about recruiting the best and the brightest, what’s ultimately needed are trained men ready and willing to go into battle and kill the enemy, and if necessary give their lives for their country. Powerful nations have always had a ready supply of those types of men, and when they didn’t they lost their power.

America can still afford to pander to this madness of social justice and political correctness, but make no mistake, when the Republic is in grave danger, it will have to be swiftly swept aside if she is to survive – her enemies, both internal and external know this, and will do everything in their power to prevent it.