Starbucks Hiring Invaders To Serve Coffee In Europe

Remember when Howard Shultz – the former CEO of Starbucks, and its current executive chairman – told a shareholder in 2013 that he could “sell your shares” if he didn’t agree with the company’s stance on gay marriage?

Well that should have left things quite clear to anyone who was unsure about the company’s position on the political spectrum, and its evident disdain for anyone right of Barrack Obama, even at the risk of losing their business.

Now they’ve decided to go a step further by effectively telling jobseekers and customers in eight European countries, who are senseless enough to give money to this corporate giant rather than support their local coffee shops, that if they’re not happy with the EU’s and mama Merkel’s migrant policy they can drink their coffee elsewhere. As reported by the Independent:

Starbucks will hire 2,500 refugees across Europe by 2022 as part of a wider plan that sparked a social media backlash when it was announced in January.

The world’s largest coffee chain said on Tuesday that it had already started the hiring the refugees, which it said would represent around 8 per cent of its current European workforce of 30,000.

Starbucks‘ commitment was made to coincide with World Refugee Day and proves “that businesses like ours can use its scale to make a positive impact in people’s lives,” said Martin Brok, president of Starbucks for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The company will roll out the initiative in Britain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.

So basically 2,500 jobs that could go to unemployed Europeans – in this case unskilled workers who may already be in a delicate economic situation themselves – will be given to “refugees.” Let’s see how well that works out for them. At this rate by 2022, 2,500 workers may make up 100% of Starbucks workforce after the company is forced to put a hijab on their mermaid logo and a crescent above her head. Somehow the name Crescentbucks doesn’t have the same ring to it, but hell, we need to move with the times, right Howard?

The company faced fierce criticism from some people using the #BoycottStarbucks hashtag on social media. So far, only a handful of people on Twitter appear to have expressed disapproval of the latest announcement regarding European hires.

It’s hardly surprising they received fierce criticism from “some” people on social media, but why even mention that if they then seem to contradict themselves after by claiming that only a “handful” of people expressed disapproval. It’s also quite surprising that they didn’t qualify the statement by writing instead that “only a handful of racist white supremacists on Twitter appear to have expressed disapproval…”

Europe’s refugee crisis shows no signs of abating. Around 360,000 refugees and migrants arrived on the Europe’s shores last year, many from war-torn Syria and Iraq as well as African countries including Guinea and Mali, according to the UN refugee agency.

Yes, nothing quite like getting your coffee served by someone with PTSD from a war-torn third world hell hole where customer service is as rare as a functioning Starbucks, and you’re likely to get scalded with boiling water for demanding the correct change.

Last week, the European Commission launched legal proceedings against three European Union member states who have refused to take in refugees.

Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are accused of not fulfilling their obligations outlined in a 2015 plan to relocate migrants from Italy and Greece, to help share the burden. The three Eastern European countries have taken in a total of just 12 people since the agreement started.

Perhaps those 12 people could be hired in their respective Starbucks as a pilot project, and if successful the EU would have a perfect example of the unique benefits that refugees can bring to their local economies? Or even better, why not persuade Starbucks to hire refugees as 100% of their workforce and eventually rid themselves of this subversive company by putting them out of business after enough customers have taken their business elsewhere. Now that would be poetic justice.